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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

AbsoluteEssays.com Review

While trying to write the essays for my college applications, I was always running into a mental block. The deadline for the applications for all the colleges where just too stringent and most were overlapping with each other, each with their specific requirement. I had no time to finish the essays, leave alone write a good one that would make sure I get through and present myself as a great applicant. That’s when I stumbled upon the idea of using an essay writing service. After doing a lot of research and reading customer reviews, I found absoluteessays.com. They claimed to have a huge number of professional writers on board and their reviews were pretty good too.

General impression about the Absoluteessays.com

The website of absoluteessays.com is clean, neat and simple. It is easy to understand and find your way around it. The UI of the site is user friendly and almost idiot proof. Just click on the order now; button, fill in your personal details and brief about the essay you require and sit back and wait for the piece to come to you.
Absoluteessays Reviews


This is one of the areas where Absoluteessays.com scores pretty high; they are reasonably priced. They offer a wide spectrum of prices, depending on your need. This may vary as per the level of work you require and the timeline you need it done in. For quality academic writing, the price for one page varies from $31.50 - $45.85 that can be made via PayPal or CreditCard.
But the bad news is that the price of a product does not determine its value. The value is very subjective and does not necessarily go hand in hand with the price. According to some customers, they believe that they cannot afford it because they consider that for the value that the product gives, the price does not correspond to it.
And the most interesting part – they have an image offering 20% discount on the first order, but the actual promo code below allows for only 15% discount. That’s sounds like a scam.

How their customer support work

Absoluteessays.com has a great customer support system that helps the customer and keeps them totally in the know during a project. I was totally aware of my essay at every stage. Once I created a profile for myself on the site, I was even able to get in touch with the writer and editor of my essay directly.
They have a US and UK phone number (mentioned on their homepage) that you can call into directly. However, some clients have reported their experiences and have commented that when they call for customer service nobody answers the call. So, they try it once more and there is still no answer. The website lacks an email contact and once you find it somewhere, no one responds. Your social media accounts are only used for advertising and if anyone wants to ask them something, they are not successful. Do you trust these types of companies? Probably the answer is no! We all know that quality should be high, but be quick, and help a lot.
Absoluteessays reliable

Customer feedbacks

Having checked a lot of customer feedbacks before I actually used absoluteessays.com let me tell you only 15% of customers seemed happy. The other 85% of them did complain about delays in their delivery and over charging. Though none were specific about what went wrong. There were a few who said that they were not happy with the pieces but the delivery was on time. There was one student who mentioned that he got a distinction thanks to the essay from absoluteessays.com. There was one student who mentioned that he got bad distinction thanks to the essays of absoluteessays.com.

Writers of Absoluteessays.com

There are more than 200 English-speaking writers, of whom only 10% are holders of doctorates and masters from renowned universities. They have a poor command of the language and offer the work on time but of poor quality. Customers have their essays on time but they are not worth evaluating.
Absoluteessays.com Legit

Services AbsoluteEssays.com offers

The website had a variety of services that you can use:
· Essay Writing
· Research Paper
· Assignment Writing
· Term Paper
· Homework Services

The Result

But the essays that they write are not of varied subjects, their knowledge is very limited and they are not suitable for all the academic levels. Along with the writing services they also offer editing services, proofreading and grammar proofing services that are not as relevant.
I certainly would not recommend trying absoluteessays.com the next time I want a written essay as their essays are not free from plagiarism and the price you have to pay is not worth giving. Some of his essays have helped college students but the success rating is only 15%. This gives a lot to talk about their quality and writing level.
Summing up, we can’t recommend AbsoluteEssays.com, so you can use other more professional writing service

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