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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My general review of Edubirdie.com

Until I tried to compose one, I never knew that essays could be difficult to write. It all looks so easy; you feel like scoffing at those that run to writing sites for help. You assume that they didn’t want to try more or push harder for answers, and that everything can be found on the internet, in the libraries or in lecture notes. I learnt that sometimes, this is not even the case.
I got an essay in Genetics on the topic “Cloning Humans – a case of ethics or religion?” and was asked to forward it before Friday. Given that I got it on Tuesday, I was very confident that I would be able to finish writing in due time. To my utter chagrin, the internet network in school suddenly crashed and had to be fixed. This took the whole remaining part of Tuesday and the whole Wednesday.
By Wednesday evening, I was panicking. I had little time to compose five pages’ worth. After asking a few of my colleagues, I heard about a positive Edubirdie.com review from one of them. Although I never planned to use a writing company, I ended up visiting Edubirdie.com essay writing website for the first time that night.

Edubirdie.com scam: is it real?

The foremost thing I can say about the site structure is that it’s well organized. I had visited some writing sites in the past and I got turned off because of their disorganized look. It made me think that the site was being handled by some nerd in a small room with cups of coffee and pizza boxes. Edubirdie.com carried with it an air of professionalism and seriousness. I read through the services they marketed, and the following were highlighted:
  • Rewriting
  • Editing 
  • Writing from the start, among others.
I tried reading the customer reviews on the pages. They were mostly positive, and one thing I could glean from what they wrote was the company’s commitment to giving people the best, as well as how student-friendly they were. Edubirdie.com reviews were straight to the point, and had no signs of being composed under duress. The site was easy to understand and move through.
One even wrote that the writers were confident of their job and displayed a high level of professionalism combined with a polite way of interaction. You don’t find that everywhere, considering the fact that a number of writing ventures do not prioritize their clients.
Feeling satisfied with everything I had read about Edubirdie.com so far, I resolved to use this site. Using my email, I registered in order to place an order. The drop-down list showed the different types of essays they specialized in. I chose the one that I needed, entered my topic and page count. I also specified my deadline, then proceeded to the next dialogue box that popped up.

Choosing my writer

I had the liberty to choose my own writer! Well, that was something I never expected to find out. But I did discover that they had three distinct classes of writers. The highest class came with a 15% extra fee. I wasn’t convinced I wanted to go straight for that option, so I opted instead for the standard package. I could also choose the style of citation. Knowing that my instructor had a soft spot for the Harvard style, I chose it without a second thought.
The next page that popped up was even more writer specific. The site offered to choose a writer that best matches my needs for a paltry sum. I was also instructed to indicate the writing prompts to be followed for the essay. I refrained from the offer to help me choose, and chose one myself. The process was very simple and short. After getting in touch with the writer of my choice, we agreed on the pricing and other important details. I made the payment and the waiting period began.

Edubirdie.com review on the writing process

I must say that I appreciate the efforts made to make the smallest details simple and plain. The order process was quite transparent; you could clearly tell what you are paying for. In the course of waiting, my attention was drawn towards finding their contact information. It was then that I discovered the 24/7 chat system at the bottom of the screen. I also found the part of the site where one could forward a support ticket and get replied through electronic mail.
I finally got my paper delivered to me, and I was so excited. I felt so enthralled reading through the essay, it felt like something I would write. The tone was simple and “medical”. Every detail needed was in place; the grammar, sentence structure and punctuation was nothing short of perfect. The citation style was purely Harvard, as requested.

I was perfectly satisfied with this order. Needless to say, I got an impressive grade in my report book for the essay. I would order from them again sometime soon. And yes, I would recommend them any day. They would get the job done in the most effective way possible.

Friday, August 7, 2015

EduZaurus.com Review – Modern Leader in Essay Writing Sites Review

Perhaps you think that I'm crazy and I have nothing to spend my money for, but I have a rather strange hobby. I like to check the level of professionalism of the top essay writing services. Among my victims were Essay jedi, Ninja essays and many others, and I need to admit – none of these sites have not earned the highest score.

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EduZaurus essay writing service