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Monday, April 10, 2017

Uk.EduBirdie.com Review

Being a diligent student, I have never imagined in my life that I will get into the situation in which I will need to apply for a custom assays company’s services. However, let’s admit this, life is full of surprises and having my paper written by a professional academic writer was the last and the only possible resort during the final year of my college studies, as I had offered a job of my dream and accepted it immediately without any shade of hesitation. However, I needed someone reliable to have my paper perfectly done, someone, competent and responsible enough not to let me down on my last step before the graduation.
I had been browsing online, checking the companies that offer academic writing assistance services, reading reviews and testimonials, checking authors’ profiles and prices and finally found the top Uk.EduBirdie.com company that provided premium services at affordable prices, guaranteed complete confidentiality and personal data protection.

Uk.Edubirdie reviews 

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How to make an order

Uk.EduBirdie’s website is logically structured which makes navigation easy and efficient, provides the customer with detailed information on the provided services, step-by-step instructions, conditions, the experience of the employed writers, affordable prices with the possibility to negotiate them, offers an option of 24/7 support.
It is critical that before choosing an author, you can check profiles of the potential writers and their ratings and reviews posted by the previous customers which makes the right choice much easier and make a free of charge trial first order.

Placing the order was simple, and I needed is to:

· Register on the website and fill in the order form.
· Indicate the type and topic of your paper, number of pages, number of cited sources and the deadline by which the paper is to be submitted to you.
· Make sure that the deadline is set properly enough to be able to review the accomplished paper and in case of necessity to introduce remarks.
· Provide additional requirements on the ordered paper to make sure that my order will meet my expectations
· Proceed to bidding with potential writers and find the one with the most relevant experience and expertise.

Uk.Edubirdie reliable

Team of professionals

After choosing the right author, we in detail once again discussed the requirements, structure, and sources of my paper. It must be noted, that all the instructions were each time carefully followed and implemented by the writer; the work was written in an immaculate academic language, without any grammatical errors and misprints, the topic was revealed to the full, and my paper was a completed success. The last but not the least, the writer I chose was of great help with interesting and useful pieces of advice, constantly had creative ideas, impressed me by the profound vision dedication to the admitted order, and high professionalism. He was pleasant and helpful in communication. I just do not have enough words to express my gratitude to him!

Services and overall impression

I would highly recommend Uk.EduBirdie.com to students to make the advantage of this highly professional company, which deserves highest appraisals due to:

· high level of services and constant customer’s support
· great variety of professional and experienced writers
· timely fulfillment of placed orders, at times even before the set deadline
· complete confidentiality of the customers

Uk.Edubirdie legit

My verdict

My paper was a complete success due to the fact that:

· the topic was completely covered
· it was professionally structured and worded
· communication with the author was pleasant, prompt and efficient
· instructions carefully followed
· the paper was written from the scratch and was original

To tell you the truth, until the end I was afraid that the article wouldn't be original, however, the check showed that it is absolutely plagiarism free. EduBirdie’s site guarantees that all the works are checked for plagiarism by a particular department that performs a rigorous check of all the placed by the students’ orders.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Bid4Papers.com Review


Creativity Attracts

My groupmate couldn’t come to the college the week before the final exams and asked me to order one of her academic papers on BID4PAPERS.com custom essay writing service. As I have never heard about this website, it was quite interesting for me to try it out and compare with the one I use for my papers. Vivid design, short video, and understandable schemes encouraged my attention and my first impression was quite positive. I placed an order for the given term paper in Programming, paid the price and was in anticipation before getting the completed paper. I didn’t believe that BID4PAPERS collected 114727 customer testimonials, so I decided to write my own fact-based review on the writing company. Check out the overall look of the main page:

bid4papers reviews

Hypnotic main page 

The homepage looks very systematic and bright. I didn’t spend much time looking for the necessary information. They placed the main features of the company that immediately draw attention.
There is also an instruction which shows how to use the website and explains graphically what to do to order an essay. If I had little time and were forced to take immediate action, the scheme on the main page would be sufficient to understand the whole strategy.
So, the homepage is extremely gratifying and builds a complete picture of the company. It convinced me to stay on the site and use it later on for my purposes.


It is possible to buy your academic paper online using PayPal or credit card. The price starts from $7.50 per page. I guess that nobody has attained an essay at that price as it increases depending on the complexity of the chosen topic, number of pages and deadline.
The positive thing is that you don’t have to pay for placing an order. You are required to deliver the payment only when the work is finished and approved by the customer. It seems safer to pay when you have already got an essay and have checked its quality.
To crown it all, writers calculate the price and make their bids and you have an opportunity to pay for the most affordable price. In this case, their creativity turned out to be strange, as you cannot expect which sum of money you have to pay. I ordered even not for myself and was responsible for the budget of another person. I prefer to act according to the clear-cut actions.

bid4papers.com reliable

 Quality in General 

The site has a few sections, but I don’t think there should be more of them. All sections only comprise significant aspects which are meant to help the students and dispel their doubts.
I liked the idea of the blog they have. I found some useful information about writing essays. All articles are divided into categories. Such organization is also a plus.
However, there is no convenient system for customers who want to ask additional or urgent questions via live chat as there is no 24/7 assistance. I noticed the opportunity to get help in the exact discipline. Programming was in the list, but I wanted to check the writer’s profile it occurred to be empty:

bid4papers legit

But in general, my groupmate got the paper quickly enough to look through it and have a glimpse of the topic. She was also satisfied with the quality and told me they always write good essays. I want to learn it at first hand!

What about the points in the rating? (The maximum is 10).

Overall Scores: (6.5/10)
Pricing: (7/10)
Customer support (6/10)
Communication (8/10)
Quality (6/10)
Speed (6/10)

Summing up, we should’t recommend Bid4Papers.com, so you can use other more professional writing service 

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

AbsoluteEssays.com Review

Review of Online Essay Writing Company - Absoluteessays.com

While trying to write the essays for my college applications, I was always running into a mental block. The deadline for the applications for all the colleges where just too stringent and most were overlapping with each other, each with their specific requirement. I had no time to finish the essays, leave alone write a good one that would make sure I get through and present myself as a great applicant. That’s when I stumbled upon the idea of using an essay writing service. After doing a lot of research and reading customer reviews, I found absoluteessays.com. They claimed to have a huge number of professional writers on board and their reviews were pretty good too.

General impression about the Absoluteessays.com

The website of absoluteessays.com is clean, neat and simple. It is easy to understand and find your way around it. The UI of the site is user friendly and almost idiot proof. Just click on the order now; button, fill in your personal details and brief about the essay you require and sit back and wait for the piece to come to you.
Absoluteessays Reviews


This is one of the areas where Absoluteessays.com scores pretty high; they are reasonably priced. They offer a wide spectrum of prices, depending on your need. This may vary as per the level of work you require and the timeline you need it done in. For academic writing, the price for one page varies from $31.50 - $45.85 that can be made via PayPal or CreditCard.
But the bad news is that the price of a product does not determine its value. The value is very subjective and does not necessarily go hand in hand with the price. According to some customers, they believe that they cannot afford it because they consider that for the value that the product gives, the price does not correspond to it.
And the most interesting part – they have an image offering 20% discount on the first order, but the actual promo code below allows for only 15% discount. That’s sounds like a scam.

How their customer support work

Absoluteessays.com has a great customer support system that helps the customer and keeps them totally in the know during a project. I was totally aware of my essay at every stage. Once I created a profile for myself on the site, I was even able to get in touch with the writer and editor of my essay directly.
They have a US and UK phone number (mentioned on their homepage) that you can call into directly. However, some clients have reported their experiences and have commented that when they call for customer service nobody answers the call. So, they try it once more and there is still no answer. The website lacks an email contact and once you find it somewhere, no one responds. Your social media accounts are only used for advertising and if anyone wants to ask them something, they are not successful. Do you trust these types of companies? Probably the answer is no! We all know that quality should be high, but be quick, and help a lot.
Absoluteessays reliable

Customer feedbacks

Having checked a lot of customer feedbacks before I actually used absoluteessays.com let me tell you only 15% of customers seemed happy. The other 85% of them did complain about delays in their delivery and over charging. Though none were specific about what went wrong. There were a few who said that they were not happy with the pieces but the delivery was on time. There was one student who mentioned that he got a distinction thanks to the essay from absoluteessays.com. There was one student who mentioned that he got bad distinction thanks to the essays of absoluteessays.com.

Writers of Absoluteessays.com

There are more than 200 English-speaking writers, of whom only 10% are holders of doctorates and masters from renowned universities. They have a poor command of the language and offer the work on time but of poor quality. Customers have their essays on time but they are not worth evaluating.
Absoluteessays.com Legit

Services absoluteessays.com offers

The website had a variety of services that you can use:
· Essay Writing
· Research Paper
· Assignment Writing
· Term Paper
· Homework Services

The Result

But the essays that they write are not of varied subjects, their knowledge is very limited and they are not suitable for all the academic levels. Along with the writing services they also offer editing, proofreading and grammar proofing services that are not as relevant.
I certainly would not recommend trying absoluteessays.com the next time I want a written essay as their essays are not free from plagiarism and the price you have to pay is not worth giving. Some of his essays have helped college students but the success rating is only 15%. This gives a lot to talk about their quality and writing level.
Summing up, we can’t recommend AbsoluteEssays.com, so you can use other more professional writing service

Sunday, April 2, 2017

BestEssays.com Review

It is weekend night; I have been struggling with my essay since hours. I know I have to submit it on Monday and somewhere I also know I’m not going to achieve the high grade that I need to get through and then I start to consider the consequence of submitting my paper that I believe is still not up to the mark. When my first and foremost priority was to get good marks, I considered essay writing service & outsourcing my assignment.
All the essay writing companies claim to give you the best service. I am here to discuss to one such service that is available and used by many, it’s called Bestessays.com. The one I opted for.

About Bestessays.com

This company was founded in the year 1997. Bestessays.com is known for their original academic support and products that you would need like book reports, term and research papers, theses, dissertations and essays. Bestessays.com provides various kinds of scholarly or academic papers to the students of various academic levels.
Bestessays reviews


  •  Research papers
  •  Assignments 
  • Custom or modified essay writing 
  •  Dissertations 
  • Term papers
  • Theses
With these above services Bestessays.com also provides admission, editing & resume services. They will also assist you to write a movie review or a book, annotated bibliography, lab reports, presentations and all types of articles.

Additional Services

·      Online assignments
·      Simulation reports
·      Mind mapping
·      Multimedia projects

Cost Review

The prices offered by Bestessays.com are comparatively high. The company says that they focus more on quality & considers their services high enough to be paid the extra dollar but somehow the prices don’t justify the quality that they offer.
One can choose the prices that are dependent on deadlines and they will be rising progressively. Additionally, it will greatly depend on the quality of work that you will need.
·      The cost of Standard level ranges from $21.99 to $53.99 each page (depending on the deadline)
·      The cost of Premium level ranges from $23.99 to $55.99
·      The cost of Platinum level ranges from $26.98 to $60.99 each page
In simple terms, if you choose to get a 3-page essay done with a deadline of 48 hours and choose the premium quality; then the price will be $113.97 (provided you don't have any discount).

Bestessays reliable


Bestessays.com offer an interesting policy for discount and also, the website gives away great deals and offers. Every user can have a code for promo discount and he/she can use it anytime they want. Customers, who are regular, get a 5 percent, 10 percent or 15 percent, according to the number of pages ordered. These may be a great tactic to attract new customers but even with the discounted rates, the rate still stays on the higher side compared to many sites that offer better rates with better quality of essays.

Support Review

Bestessays.com claim to have a customer support system works every day, round-the-clock. A customer can also contact and talk to the writer who has been assigned to write that customer's paper. But there seems to be a lack of understanding between the caller and the writer. The customer support team is not always available to answer all your questions and help with your problems. I really had to repeat my specifications over and over again. Though they claim that orders can be easily tracked and one can easily revise as many times as he/she wants but it was not so in my case. I had to struggle a lot just to reach the customer support team via e-mail, live chat or phone.

Bestessays legit


Bestessays.com has a limited number of writers and for that I had to face a lot of difficulties as I had just three options to choose from. Fewer writers mean that they will be occupied with one assignment or the other almost all the time. And since they have limited number of  professional writers, they cannot afford one writer on one assignment for a long time. Therefore, their essay or other work seems to be very mechanical and lack quality most of the time.


I found their essay writing skill to be just average. Their customer support is also not very prompt. There are few incidents where I found plagiarized content.
Bestessays.com lacks quality to a great extent. Many complained about getting essays or other assignment with plagiarized content. There aren’t many options as far as writers are concerned. They have a limited number of writers. Their customer services are hard to reach.
Summing up, we can’t recommend BestEssays.com, so you can use other more professional writing service

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