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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Essay-Company.com Review

The trend has been growing with quite a number of students seeking custom essay writing services from best essay writing companies in the USA. Just as many other student having to be overwhelmed in terms of workload forces me to occasionally seek essay and paper writing company services. I needed to complete a couple of 500-word essays for my Sociology class, so I’ve found a new essay writing service - Essay-company.com. Here is my small review of what they offer.

Essay-Company Reviews

General overview

The writing company website design generally presents an appealing look on review. However, this company’s website is poorly organized and I had a stressful time browsing through. The pages of the company’s website were rather informative stating the services they offer, such as custom essay writing from experienced and competent writers.
Constitute members of the company writing team are professional writers, who are capable of writing error and plagiarism free essays and research papers. They are also utterly well aware that they cannot guarantee that the client will approve their essay work upon review by the customer. This safeguards the customer and enables them to bring their money back after review if the essay fails to attain their desired expectations. This was quite pleasing. However, I raise serious doubts on constant customer review and revision. 

Here is the list of the services they offer:

·      Research Papers
·      Dissertations
·      Term Papers
·      Academic Papers
·      Assignments
·      Book Report
·      Coursework Help
Customers’ reviews mentioned the good range of services, but the delay in obtaining the essays on time and their quality was also raised.

Essay-Company.com Prices



The prices of custom essay or paper writing is clearly given per page on the website and is based on review depending on the preferred deadline and relative level of education. The earlier the time needed to complete a writing task the costlier it is. For instance, to obtain a paper for business school costs up to $30 per page which is outrageously expensive to afford such writings. 
The cheapest service such as essays is available for a 7-day deadline which may be too unpleasant for students who are obliged to submit their writing work such as essays or papers in relatively shorter periods of time with a rather tight schedule. This may be inconvenient in seeking the best writing services such as essays as it may not be pocket friendly. The offered discounts rates are quite poor and need a constant review. They even lack a bonus scale on essays.

Communication with writers

Although it’s stated on the essay company website the communication with the writers is very swift and easy, I had difficulty in contacting the particular writer tasked with my work. He was not responsive in due time and often absent on live chat which was quite a nuisance. This makes timely review of the work a daunting task.


Placing my order with essay-company was quite hectic and cumbersome. There are extensive lengthy forms that need review and to be filled; which the entire process can take quite some time. I was compelled to search extensively to find out how to place an order on the site due to the lack of a direct link to the order page of the company’s website. 

The result

I got my essay two days later after the deadline from the writer of the company which was quite a disappointment and put my trust worthiness on the line as I had promised to deliver it to a professor in due time. As I was going through the essay although it was well structured I found quite a number of formatting and grammatical errors. 
This was a major turn off and was forced to proofread the essay myself, which is not ideal as I paid a substantial sum of money for the service. My experience with essay-company.com is a mixture of emotions despite the positive impression on the quality of the service from the writers, there is also need for significant improvements on the companies’ services.

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