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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

StudyFAQ.com Review: Do They Offer Reliable Services?

Many students struggle especially when it comes to handling the projects and other academic related assignments given by their teachers and professors. I personally always have a hard time finding ways as to how I can come up with ideas especially when there are difficult topics that I have to work on. 

With the lack of time and not to mention the tight deadline that not just students but even professionals have to face, it can be really stressful if you simply don’t know where to find the answers to your questions. Since I am having a hard time drafting a written work related to business, I decided to try out a new Internet service from StudyFAQ.com.
StudyFAQ Review


Studyfaq.com is a website that is created in order to help students and other individuals who need expertise and professional help in various subjects from business and finance, programming to mathematics. If ever you need help, the site has various writers and subject area experts who can help you finish your work through their wide knowledge and expertise in the field. This site claims that they provide a perfect platform where students can access topnotch and reliable academic help from experts.

Features Offered

StudyFAQ writers

Using the site is quite fast and easy. There is no need to fill out a form just to have your sign-up details. You can actually post any question for free. Once you have posted your question, the site automatically generates your log-in details after you have provided your e-mail address. It doesn’t take that long before the best tutors who can help will start bidding on your assignment. You can just choose among these tutors depending on your budget and criteria. The process is that fast and easy.

When it comes to other features, the site guarantees safety as they never disclose personal information and data to other third parties. The site also provides 24/7 unlimited customer service support which is a good thing.

Prices of the Services

StudyFAQ reliable

When it comes to prices, the cost would vary depending on the tutor you want to hire. Upon submitting and posting the question, there were writers who sent out their bids. Comparing the prices with other services that I have previously tried before, I can say that the site offers fair and standard prices offered in the market as they are relatively the same with other sites offering such service. Customers can just choose which tutor to hire depending on their preference and budget.

Info About Writers

The writers at Studyfaq.com have different backgrounds, work experience and various specializations. What is nice about the site is that you get to have different choices as they have writers from different fields and subject areas. Their team is comprised of various writers coming from different backgrounds like geology, business and finance, economics, etc.

Customer Service Support

StudyFAQ essay writing

The site provides 24/7 customer service support through the following: email, live chat support and phone call. When I sent a message via their live chat support, unfortunately it is offline. But in an hour, I was able to get the response in my inbox. When it comes to communicating with the tutors, it’s a breeze and very efficient since you can instantly and directly chat and talk to them.

Customer Feedback

So, what do other customers say about their services? When you read reviews and ratings online, the site consistently receives good feedback with the process and the quality of work delivered to them.
Final Thoughts

After receiving the draft, I can say that they did a good job although I expected more. For the price, they are at par with other companies offering the same services. The entire process from ordering to finally choosing the tutor and receiving the order is fast and very efficient. This site is not the best I’ve used but would recommend it to others who need to get an assignment done as soon as possible.

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